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House Republicans propose budget plan with rebates

SANTA FE — In a rare move for the minority party, House Republicans have unveiled an alternative spending plan to a Democratic-backed $7 billion budget proposal that’s expected to be voted on tomorrow by the full House.

House GOP members acknowledged it’s unlikely their plan will move forward, as Democrats hold a 46-24 majority in the chamber.

But the Republicans said New Mexicans should at least be presented with an alternative to a budget bill they described as unsustainable.

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“We are being asked by families in our districts to be the rational voices in Santa Fe,” Rep. Jason Harper, R-Rio Rancho, told reporters.

The $6...

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Ornamental chitalpa may have a downside

READERS: Last week I answered a question for J.M. in Rio Rancho about planting a chitalpa tashkentensis in his landscaping. As an ornamental they sure are pretty, so I recommended yes, the chitalpa was a nifty tree. I’ve since been taught that the chitalpa stock available nowadays is very likely infected by an incurable disease called “Xylella fastidiosa.”

Ms. J.C. of Rio Rancho took the time and offered me, in a most pleasant, polite and informative manner, lots of pertinent information about the chitalpa. Evidently, she has several mature and young chitalpas and they were/are declining. So, she researched what could be the cause of her trees having lots of brown leaves and others in her “housing development landscaping” showing quite a bit of branch die-back.

On the NMSU website she foun...

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