Daily Archives May 11, 2019

McDonald’s helps pave way for learning in Rio Rancho

Clemy Garza, seated at right in the front, beams as “English Under the Arches” graduates gathered to receive their certificates of completion and hold two generous checks written by Clemy and her father, Julian, franchise owners. (Gary Herron/Rio Rancho Observer)

No business that locates in Rio Rancho is mandated to be a good community partner, and there’s no law that it give back in any way, shape or form.

McDonald’s franchise owners Julian Garza and his daughter, Clemy, do those things anyway.

Remember when the commercials for the “hamburger joint” proclaimed, “At McDonald’s, we do it all for you”?

It seems they’re still trying.

The McDonald’s on NM 528 in Rio Rancho hosted a graduation ceremony on April 11 for 39 “English Under the Arches” (EUA) graduates.

The 39 celebrants, McDonald’s ...

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