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Cheers to more beers

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — Over the past few years, Sandoval County has been witness to a boom in brew houses.

In fact, last year the Observer met with some our local brewers and brewery owners to discuss how much the business model for this liquid industry has changed.

One of the big factors to consider when a new brewery announces its opening is the financial impact each one has locally. For the most part, our local brew industry is run by locals, which aids with our economy.

Now it seems the yet-to-open Ex Novo Brewery in the Village of Corrales is the latest in a slew of breweries that has the potential to make an economic impact...

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Intel announces plan to add 300-plus jobs in NM

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — The Intel manufacturing plant in Sandoval County will see a boost in hiring as the company continues to grow beyond its traditional PC and server businesses into data-rich markets, the company and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced Tuesday.

Intel’s New Mexico facility. File photo.

Intel plans to expand its New Mexico workforce by more than 300 employees in 2019.

“Intel has long been a valuable community partner, and this is excellent news for New Mexico,” said Tiffany Avery, Sandoval Economic Alliance director of marketing and communications. “These are important, economic-base jobs for our community, and they positively impact the metro area and state as well. Jobs like these generate wealth, and additional jobs both directly and indirectly.”

Avery said SEA has worke...

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McDonald’s helps pave way for learning in Rio Rancho

Clemy Garza, seated at right in the front, beams as “English Under the Arches” graduates gathered to receive their certificates of completion and hold two generous checks written by Clemy and her father, Julian, franchise owners. (Gary Herron/Rio Rancho Observer)

No business that locates in Rio Rancho is mandated to be a good community partner, and there’s no law that it give back in any way, shape or form.

McDonald’s franchise owners Julian Garza and his daughter, Clemy, do those things anyway.

Remember when the commercials for the “hamburger joint” proclaimed, “At McDonald’s, we do it all for you”?

It seems they’re still trying.

The McDonald’s on NM 528 in Rio Rancho hosted a graduation ceremony on April 11 for 39 “English Under the Arches” (EUA) graduates.

The 39 celebrants, McDonald’s ...

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Rio Rancho homes in NM 528 area to experience water shutoff

From April 25 at 9 p.m. until April, 26 at 5 a.m., the City of Rio Rancho will be working on utility lines on Kim Rd. Northern Blvd, and NM 528.

At that time, houses east of NM 528 and between Northern Blv and Idalia Rd, and west of NM 528 in locations of Northern, Saratoga Dr, Kim Rd, Pasilla Rd, and Idalia Rd will have no water service or will experience low water pressure.

Crews are performing maintenance on infrastructure as part of the Industrial Loop Water Line Project. Click here to view additional information on the project.

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Jesus Esparza • RIO RANCHO, NM

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Rio Rancho’s newest ‘suite’ spot

This is a rendering of what will be The Suites at Rio Rancho, a 32,000 square foot skilled nursing facility on Westside Boulevard, which should be open by the end of May. (Rendering courtesy of Adam Herrington)

Construction on a new 32,000-square-foot skilled nursing facility on Westside Boulevard is well underway, according to Adam Harrington, chief financial officer for the project.

According to Harrington, the new building, named The Suites at Rio Rancho, has been under construction for six months with plans to open by the end of May.

The Suites at Rio Rancho is being constructed with a $6.5 million construction budget, and is planned to have 47 beds upon completion.

Harrington did not comment on how many jobs this facility may create.

When asked about the need for this type of facility...

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She Smiles Through Cancer Diagnosis In Charming Instagram Posts

RIO RANCHO, NM — What would Marge Simpson, G.I. Jane and Fräulein Maria from "The Sound of Music" do if they received a breast cancer diagnosis? Beth Pendergrass, of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is portraying those characters and others in Instagram posts to help lift her spirits as she fights the disease.

Pendergrass has channeled Lucille Ball, Barbra Streisand, Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire, Marilyn Monroe and Sleeping Beauty. Her favorite impersonation is the silent film icon Charlie Chaplin, who wrote one of her favorite songs, "Smile," which is particularly apropos given her goal with the Instagram posts.

Her parade of stars on Instagram started as a joke last year after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began losing her hair, so she cut it short...

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House Republicans propose budget plan with rebates

SANTA FE — In a rare move for the minority party, House Republicans have unveiled an alternative spending plan to a Democratic-backed $7 billion budget proposal that’s expected to be voted on tomorrow by the full House.

House GOP members acknowledged it’s unlikely their plan will move forward, as Democrats hold a 46-24 majority in the chamber.

But the Republicans said New Mexicans should at least be presented with an alternative to a budget bill they described as unsustainable.

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“We are being asked by families in our districts to be the rational voices in Santa Fe,” Rep. Jason Harper, R-Rio Rancho, told reporters.

The $6...

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Ornamental chitalpa may have a downside

READERS: Last week I answered a question for J.M. in Rio Rancho about planting a chitalpa tashkentensis in his landscaping. As an ornamental they sure are pretty, so I recommended yes, the chitalpa was a nifty tree. I’ve since been taught that the chitalpa stock available nowadays is very likely infected by an incurable disease called “Xylella fastidiosa.”

Ms. J.C. of Rio Rancho took the time and offered me, in a most pleasant, polite and informative manner, lots of pertinent information about the chitalpa. Evidently, she has several mature and young chitalpas and they were/are declining. So, she researched what could be the cause of her trees having lots of brown leaves and others in her “housing development landscaping” showing quite a bit of branch die-back.

On the NMSU website she foun...

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Letters to the Observer: Children should not pay to participate in or attend extracurricular activities

When I moved my family out here 30 years ago, this city gave me hope for the future. It was a city filled with the aged.

The problems addressed back in the ’80s were about the needs of the old. The ’80s brought new housing and young families. Children became a priority.

We built new schools that are the envy of APS. We have amazing schools with great new progressive teaching in robotics, art, academics and sports.

This is the best city to live in this state. We are still 48th in the nation in many poverty statistics.

Getting children involved in activities surrounding extracurricular activities costs money and family time and extra sacrifice. Many families cannot afford this because of the financial restraints among family resources and paying the rent, etc.

In order for all school childre...

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