Letters to the Observer: Children should not pay to participate in or attend extracurricular activities

When I moved my family out here 30 years ago, this city gave me hope for the future. It was a city filled with the aged.

The problems addressed back in the ’80s were about the needs of the old. The ’80s brought new housing and young families. Children became a priority.

We built new schools that are the envy of APS. We have amazing schools with great new progressive teaching in robotics, art, academics and sports.

This is the best city to live in this state. We are still 48th in the nation in many poverty statistics.

Getting children involved in activities surrounding extracurricular activities costs money and family time and extra sacrifice. Many families cannot afford this because of the financial restraints among family resources and paying the rent, etc.

In order for all school children to be on a playing field or attend school events and get actively involved with their school activities, I feel students should not be charged to participate in extracurricular activities at any public school. All activities and sports programs should be free to all students, regardless of race, color, creed and financial status of their families.

Jake Garner

Rio Rancho

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